Ilka UtoPia, Designer/Artist/Illustrator/Builder, Vancouver

Ilka UtoPia ID : 5367

Designer/Artist/Illustrator/Builder, Vancouver, Canada

I just finished my studies in Art and Design in Italy and just recently move to Vancouver.
I got to learn a lot about Filmmaking and editing, Photographym, Illustration, Graphic design and Product design.

I love to shoot and Edit movies as much as I love to build things.


I just finished my studies and moved to vancouver.
I want to get into building and learn how to build my own home and everything around it.

About my work

Permiere After Effects Photoshop Illustrator InDesign Building Design Illustration Art


Filmmaker Selfemployed Since 2013



Free University of Bolzano 2011 - 2015

Art and Design


Editing a short film about an organic farm and transform a van into a mobile home.

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