Casper Skripkauskas, Web dev/des, Vilnius

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Web dev/des, Vilnius, Lithuania

I represent an award winning digital design and development boutique - Complete Baltics. We are an efficient and creative company that could benefit your projects in the digital space, just view our portfolio at or write me, i will be glad to have a chat with you.


My fascination with the web started back in the early 2000's. I was constantly trying to create primitive games, webpages and surfing the depths of the WWW. In 2007 it become my profession, next to my Physics studies and work for a Laser research institute. Since then I tried working for a couple of local development firms but quickly got tired to be a cogwheel in a damaged system, so Complete Baltics was born which strives to remove the cogwheels and replace them with fiber optics.

About my work

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Just finished a big web project, looking for another interesting project to work on.

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