Nacho Rodriguez, HerdLeader @t CoWorKingC, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Nacho Rodriguez ID : 5160

HerdLeader @t CoWorKingC, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

Citizen of the world, open minded, world-traveler, entrepenur, Globalization can be a great thing in hands of good people, long-term investor.


Electrical Engineer as a degree, sales manager for several years, Master Degree of business administration, Member of a family business, export manager creating new business in several countries, Coworking founder , entrepreneur as lifestyle ..

About my work

sales teamwork Management start-ups


HerdLeader CoworkingC Since 2015

Export Manager Alfa90 Since 2002

Coworking Founder CoworkingC Since 2015

Founder of Coworking Canary Islands, promoting IT related projects to be developed with international distributed teams


Colegio Heidelberg Until 1997

Boston University Until 2002

Bravo Murillo Business School 2007 - 2009

Master in Business Administration

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