unOffice - PDL Business & Cowork Center

unOffice - PDL Business & Cowork Center

Avenida Dom João Iii, Nº33 Fracções Gi/gh S1 Edifício Pacífico, 9500-310, Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal

The unOffice project - PDL BUSINESS CENTER & COWORK represents an innovative approach in the region. Based on the idea of a business center, the customer has a flexible offer to start or grow your bus


This space offers the guarantee of a collaborative environment, with a great sense of inspiration and exchange of real experiences between entrepreneurs, where several services are offered: physical office, virtual office, COWORK space, business lounge, meeting room, administrative services, communications, business consultancy and management, training room, delivery, bicycle, among others.

Shareable workspace

Coworking space ( 2015-03-03)


unOffice PDL

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