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Nelson Malta

Union, New Jersey, United States

Business looking for Sales and Marketer

We are looking for a sales man or woman to bring in new accounts + maintain some current accounts. We are a small group of freelancers but we are looking to expand and make this a strong stable business.

Partnership : Startup business

Carl Dennis

Jamaica, New York, United States

We're superhero freelancers; I'll be the musician/linguist!

Hello and hope to affiliate with you soon!

Partnership : Freelancer

Roger Walters

Bronx, New York, United States

Events Photographer/Videographer

Looking to partner with company or other freelancers who need the personnel with the skill set I possess

Partnership : Freelancer

Andrew Kass

New York, United States

Video Production

Hi guys, I am looking to participate in video production, graphic design or web development projects around the globe, with my East European team of freelancers.

Partnership : Freelancer

Joe Morris

Vancouver, Washington, United States

Writer, Marketing Professional

I find I need a copywriting partner often. Most of my clients do not have an internal writer, but do need that service. I also partner with one marketing freelancer from time to time. I find that our skills are mutually beneficial. She interacts with clients and develops strategies, and I create the necessary materials to fulfill them.

Partnership : Freelancer

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