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Alyson Asami

California, United States

Graphic designer

I'm looking for a graphic designer who needs a web developer as a partner in crime!

Partnership : Freelancer

Anna Wolansky

Portland, Oregon, United States

Graphic artist/website design

I would love to meet with someone that has my passion for design. I would love to help you out as well if your workload is to much.

Partnership : Freelancer

Aisan Ahmadi

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Interior Designer

Architects, designers, builders, contractors, Renovators, Real Estate Engineers, Industrial Designers, Interior Designers,

Partnership : Standard Business

Alyson Asami

California, United States

Web developer

Looking for a web developer who needs a graphic designer as a partner in crime!

Partnership : Freelancer

Elke Porter

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Communications Team

Hi, I am looking for a graphic designer that can help me design ads, and a filmmaker that will help film my scripts, for ads & documentaries for YouTube.

Partnership : Freelancer

Andrew Kass

New York, United States

Video Production

Hi guys, I am looking to participate in video production, graphic design or web development projects around the globe, with my East European team of freelancers.

Partnership : Freelancer

Jérôme Protat

Berlin, Berlin, Germany


I'm searching for some designer who want to work on projects for clients or to develop some. If you have an idea and you're searching for someone to develop it, just contact me. And I have some project ideas too I can share.

Partnership : Freelancer

Adam Elliott

Corvallis, Oregon, United States

Product Development

I am looking for a product / brand that needs development, marketing and visualization. I am looking for design engineers and brand managers.

Partnership : Startup business

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